Webb spins an adventure

By Joy Niemack 

The annual Allan Webb Adventure took place on September 22 and was a great success. The Health Suite team won, with the Brooklax team securing second position and Leicester Square finishing in third place.


The event consists of teams of five members who must complete five tasks in a stipulated sequence. Each task has a set time for completion and teams that do not complete a task in the required time must move on to the next task or suffer a penalty.The race started at the botanical gardens, with teams playing paintball against each other. Thereafter the teams had to orienteer to their next event which was a chillieating contest. The next task involved a challenge of the mind, as teams tried to boil water in a paper bag at Gray Dam. The teams then raced back to the botanical gardens to try their aim at archery. The adventure also included side events of a game of cricket and tug-of-war. The final event was the spider web. The aim of the spider web is to get all members of the team from one side of the web to the other, without touching the strings. Although the Health Suite team had a large lead over the other teams, there was less of a gap between their followers as they all fought hard to achieve a better position. The third and fourth competitors were tied. “We had 15 teams this year which is more or less the same as we had last year,” said Mark Matamisa, the Chairperson of the Allan Webb Adventure.The competition is in its fifth year running and is proving to be a success. “The competitors enjoyed themselves and even the old committee was impressed,” said Matamisa. Sports Administration has even suggested that the Allan Webb Adventure becomes an inter-varsity event, in conjunction with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. The committee has bigger plans for the 2008 Allan Webb Adventure that students should look out for. “We aim to expand the adventure to 22 teams next year and make the adventure into a brand everyone recognises,” explained Matamisa.The event also gives an amount of the money raised to assist the Give5 campaign of Ikhaya Losizo and the Centre for Social Development. The Allan Webb committee pride themselves in their community development projects.Matamisa encourages others to take part next year as it is both fun and challenging for body and mind. The course also develops leadership and team building skills.


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