Bands behind bars


By staff reporter

The peaceful and relaxed vibe that Grahamstown’s popular night-spot, the Old Gaol, usually provides was pleasantly disrupted with the hard-rocking sounds that the Old Gaol fest brought with it. The weekend of 12 – 14 October had the Gaol filled to the brim with interesting people, talented musicians, loads of fun and a stall selling really good bread.The courtyard at the back of the gaol played host to a range of uber-talented musicians and bands, showcasing the skills of locals and outsiders alike. The line-up featured local bands like Orang-utan Bitch, Marbo and the Vibes and Captain Smug and the Propagandists, as well as Dear Martyr from Port Elizabeth and Allstar Funk Four from Cape Town. Activate was lucky enough to secure an exclusive interview with the members of All Star Funk Four. The Allstar Funk Four snuck onto the Cape Town scene just over two years ago. The band consists of Graeme Danger (vocals), To The Max (guitar), Neil Samsonite (bass) and El Loco Luko (drums).“Those are our real names, we promise,” laughed Danger.The members came together in 2004, when the various thrash-punk bands that they were in, folded. “The four of us were all good friends before Allstar, so it was easy to start this project. We all have the same vision in mind. We want to make amazing music that we enjoy playing, and that people want to party too,” said Danger.“Our gigs are usually packed with fans and awesome people who party as hard as we do. We love experiencing playing for different crowds,” said Danger.The band said they are touring for the rest of the year as well as next year. “We want to show the Allstar Funk Four off to South Africa and hopefully sell a few CDs along the way,” said Danger.Allstar Funk Four then plans to make Germany their home for at least six months in 2008. “We have an amazing opportunity to live in a different country. We want to try and make a name for ourselves in Europe,” said Samsonite.“We do sometimes get homesick while on tour, but playing a show and letting rip on stage makes us forget about all that,” said Samsonite.Fans often liken The Allstar Funk Four’s unique sound to that of early Red Hot Chilli Peppers material. “We really don’t like that because we think we are unique and we hate feeling limited and being put into boxes,” said Samsonite. “We are not trying to be anyone or anything.” “We can’t really define our music, there are elements of rap, punk, funk, rock, pop and even a bit of hip hop,” said Danger.“We’ve released our debut full length studio album Control Alternative Delete which is also pretty exciting,” said Samsonite.The Allstar Funk Four regularly performs in and around Cape Town. Visit for gig listings.


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