Dear Cape Town, love from RUPSA


By Reyhana Mahomed

The Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association (RUPSA) ran a campaign called Bags of Love in which they managed to raise R1600 and are going to fill 50 bags with ‘love’ for orphans in Cape Town. During the RUPSA Pharmacy Week which took place from August 31 to September 14, members of the society held numerous events. This included the collection of expired medicines, educating people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, creating awareness about HIV/Aids and, at the same time, raising R1600 from donations for the Bags of Love charity campaign. Bags of Love is a charity campaign that started last year,” explains Mohammed Tayub, president of RUPSA. “RUPSA managed to fill 13 bags last year.” Kovin Pillay, community service representative of RUPSA, said that Bags of Love is a community engagement programme started by two women in Cape Town. This year, Tayub plans on filling 50 bags with toys, clothes and nutritional supplements for orphans in Cape Town. “The bags will be given to Beautiful Gate Orphanage in Cape Town, which houses Aids infected children. These bags will be their Christmas gifts this year,” said Pillay. “We want to show people that pharmacy students do care and want to make a difference,” said Tayub. “We are not just behind a counter dispensing medicines.” RUPSA also approached all class representatives and asked them to collect donations for the campaign. Tayub emphasised that this was done so that the whole university could contribute to the campaign, as last year the campaign was limited to pharmacy students. As the Bags of Love campaign is based in Cape Town, RUPSA has to use the R1600 raised to fill 50 bags and transport it to Cape Town. “We are looking for a company to sponsor us and transport the bags to Cape Town for free, so that all the money raised can go to the orphans,” said Tayub. Donations for the Bags of Love campaign can still be made to all class representatives or any RUPSA committee member. Alternatively, if students wish to fill a bag, they may contact Pillay on 0729024676 or email With the end of the year fast approaching, RUPSA is also appealing to students to partake in their recent charity campaign, the RUPSA Stationary Collection. Old stationary can be placed in the box provided at the library or in the SRC secretary’s office in the Student Union Building. Collections will run from 15 to 25 October and the stationary collected will be donated to pre-schools in Grahamstown.


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