Floating ice and the need for green

By staff reporter

It’s October, summer is supposed to be on its way and yet it doesn’t seem to be arriving any time soon. Cold weather is temporarily interrupted by heat waves and there is, surprisingly, an iceberg floating 35 nautical miles to the south-east of St Francis Bay. Can you say global warming?The iceberg measures 25m wide and 20m high and was spotted by a fishing vessel Monday evening, October 12. According to a News24 report, NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said, “We don’t know of anything in recent history that has been reported this close to South African waters.”Aside from realising that Al Gore could possibly be right, especially in light of both him and the UN Climate Panel winning the Nobel Peace prize for their work on Global warming, the NSRI feared something similar to the Titanic tragedy would happen and immediately warned all other vessels in the area. Who ever would have thought that we, as South Africans, would experience this?So by virtue of being part of the human species with our destructive habits and apparent love of products with CFCs, we may feel a bit guilty because of this sighting. Being majority South African and not American, most people have been inclined not to fob it off as a UFO sighting. Perhaps people will take global warming a bit more seriously and we, the student body that has always got something to say, will make a difference. Let’s wait and see.


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