A warm welcome from Dr Badat

To our new students, a warm welcome to Rhodes University! You have made an inspired choice in choosing Rhodes, given our record of commitment to academic excellence and producing high quality graduates who are equipped to contribute to a changing South Africa, African continent and world. To our current students, welcome back! New and old, you are the lifeblood of our University and it is wonderful after a quiet few months to have the campus buzzing again with your animated conversations, laughter and energy.

The coming years represent an exciting phase in your intellectual, social and personal development. With your registration at Rhodes you enter into a partnership of mutual commitment to learning, research and community engagement, and the pursuit of knowledge that promotes understanding of our society and world.

We strive to be a university where leaders learn, which means that we seek to produce graduates who are not only knowledgeable and skilled professionals, but also critical intellectuals, and caring and compassionate people. Our academics, administrators and support staff work hard to create an environment that helps you to realise your potential. I hope that you will use the stimulating and enabling environment that we provide to develop your intellect, talents and promise to the full.For new students, Orientation Week provides you an opportunity to discover the various academic disciplines that we offer and to make an informed choice about your academic programme. Choose the courses that excite you and are appropriate to your interests and abilities. Familiarise yourself with the range of extra-academic community engagement, cultural, and sport activities that are available through our numerous clubs and societies – they are an important means of you acquiring wider knowledge, awareness, and skills and are an integral part of your overall education and development while at Rhodes.

You will soon discover that reading for a Rhodes degree is challenging. It is therefore, vital that you strike a good balance between the requirements of your academic studies and the many temptations of a vibrant campus life.

I wish you an exciting, rewarding and productive 2008 and look forward to you growing as a scholar and person at an institution that seeks to be one ‘where leaders learn’.


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