Know what is keeping you safe on campus

By Sian Cohen

Security at Rhodes University is run by the Campus Protection Unit (CPU).

Their aim is to protect students on and curb crimes on campus.

On campus there are “blue” routes which are safe, well-lit avenues through campus with emergency panic buttons and patrolling CPU guards. The routes are along Prince Alfred Street and on St Peters campus.

The panic buttons can be found at the following locations: the Law Faculty, opposite the chapel at the music cubicles, by the library, on the corner of Pier Street and University Road, at the Jacaranda labs, at Ground and Gardens and at the Steve Biko Student Union.

It is important to note, however, that the unnecessary use of the buttons is taken seriously and punishments range from varying hours of community service.

There are 19 CPU guards in all and a maximum of five on duty at a time. They offer a 24 hour service and will gladly escort students around campus, at the student’s request. The guards maintain a high profile on campus while patrolling on foot and bicycles. Their presence acts as a deterrent against potential crime situations.

CPU is located on Rhodes Avenue, adjacent to Hobson House. Their telephone number is (046) 604 8146/7. The “lost and found” section is also located at the CPU offices, containing any recovered lost items on campus. For more information on the Campus Protection Unit see


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