Banksy – Wall and Piece

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By Yashen Moodley

Robert Banks, commonly known as Banksy, is a British graffiti artist known for his controversial art work. The themes of politics, popular culture and ethics are evident in his work, each of which has a very satirical innuendo attached to them.

Banksy’s style of ‘vandalism’ is a combination of graffiti and a distinctive stencilling method which is taken from the late 1970’s Parisian stencil artist Blek le Rat, which has appeared in a number of cities world wide. Some of his works have blatant intertextual references, such as an image of the two characters from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction holding hand guns, but instead the guns are replaced by bananas. Other images include the stencilled image of two British policemen embracing in a passionate kiss. For years the identity of Banksy was not known as it was only recently that a journalist from Guardian Unlimited was able to have a face to face interview with the graffiti artist. Banksy showed how dedicated he is to alternative art when he walked into Le Louvre in Paris and hung up one of his paintings which resembled the Mona Lisa, but with a yellow smiley face over the face of the Mona Lisa. Is Banksy an artistic genius, a political activist, a painter, decorator, mythic legend or just a notorious graffiti artist? Well you can decide, check out


2 Responses to Banksy – Wall and Piece

  1. $tink*$ki says:

    banksy’s work is inspiring and amazing. keep it up

  2. jjkjkk says:

    what a legend


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