Jacob Zuma response

“Jazzman”, February 15. Comment left on Activate blog.

Don’t scare us with titles such as fourth year LLB or third year BA, what do you want us to think? Do you think that these writers are experts in what they are talking about? The people casted their vote, no university student or, should I say, no third or fourth year BCom, LLB or whatever student will tell the people who to elect or what the country will be under Zuma. The people know no one should let them know. Will be fooled with these white perspectives in this paper this year again, please stop making a problem out of nothing please.

Kate Douglas, Opinions Editor, February 15.

Thank you for your response. I would just like to point out that the opinions printed are not by Activate writers and in no way reflect Activate’s viewpoint. They are written by students who chose to respond to our opinion topic. Our opinion topics are controversial and serve the purpose of sparking debate and discussion. This is an independent newspaper and aims to be inclusive of all viewpoints. We stand for freedom of speech and will never censor the opinions that we receive. That said, if you believe that we only print “white perspectives” then we hope that you will always speak out and write in so that your opinion can also be printed. Maybe you can even join Activate and become one of our writers. Again, thank you for your response. We do print controversial stories and your responses, whether negative or positive, are constructive.


2 Responses to Jacob Zuma response

  1. mbuzobuciko says:

    another year…another debate. ill sit back and watch ukuze ndibone izophelela phi….

  2. free jazz says:

    free jazz…

    […]Jacob Zuma response « Activate[…]…

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