Tripping on Power

By Raul Andrei Dimitriu

In light of nationwide load shedding, the Rhodes University lecture timetable has been revised to suit Eskom’s scheduled power outages for Grahamstown.

Despite the pervasive fear of power failures during Eskom’s load shedding schedule, Grahamstown has been lucky until now as there have been few power cuts in the last two weeks. Compared to the frequency of power cuts in South Africa’s larger urban areas, Grahamstown, and by implication Rhodes, have been fortunate. Therefore, so far, the timetable has acted more as a pre-emptive measure at preventing educational chaos during power failures.

When asked whether there is a foreseeable date for the return to the normal timetable, Professor Pat Terry, Chairman of the Timetable Committee, said the University can only monitor Eskom’s schedule for any changes in outage times.

For more information on the revised student timetable visit


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