ABSA banks on sport

By Joy Niemack

Rhodes University’s hockey, netball and cricket teams can expect upgraded facilities and other opportunities following the funding provided from ABSA Bank for 2008. This funding will also be used to create bursaries for promising sportspersons and as an attraction to the University.

“This sponsorship means that so much more can take place this year,” said Kerr Rogers, acting head of Rhodes University Sports Administration. “We hope to negotiate the purchase of club kit for all our teams which would mean that the clubs would not need to budget for such an expense.”

The buck does not stop there as the teams will be receiving these funds for the next three years. “ABSA has sponsored the three clubs a total of R150 000, with a seven percent increase over the next two years,” Rogers explained.

Rhodes Cricket Club will be receiving R30 000, with the Netball Club receiving R20 000 and the Hockey Club receiving R100 000 as they have already planned and set aside for a promising new hockey player.

Former Head of Sport Aziez Madatt approached ABSA in order to form this partnership with Rhodes University. ABSA bank agreed and have set up advertising on the sports fields this year.

ABSA Bank takes a keen interest in students. “Rhodes and their students are dynamic, young and potential leaders in their field so it makes sense to start engaging with these future clients now.”


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