Website Review:

By Nich Mulgrew

Most of us spend a couple hours a day on the Internet: for music, for academic reasons, for communication, for entertainment. I’ve gotten quite sick of the usual Internet “humour”: viral videos, badly-photoshopped pictures and unfunny webcomics. That’s why is a real gem of a website. It’s a few years old, but has only recently hit its stride. The interface is clean, the content is varied and the humour excellent. While the site’s content is spread across blogs, videos, articles and forums, the real genius of Cracked is its talent for showcasing the weirdest crap you have seen in your life. From inappropriate children’s book covers, to the 10 Least Romantic Love Songs, Cracked is pretty much an encyclopedia of the uncanny. And, unlike most humour websites such as SomethingAwful or eBaum’s World, Cracked doesn’t get tired or start feeling bland and clichéd. In fact, you actually feel like you’re learning stuff (albeit it’s almost worthless knowledge) with each article you read. It’s always interesting, always eccentric, constantly updated and already has a large amount of content for you to delve into. It’s a real time-waster, yes, but really, it’s pure gold.


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