Dear Uncle Bob…….

Uncle Bob, as I affectionately call him, needs to face the truth. He has lost the Zimbabwean presidential elections, possibly by a landslide. I am personally growing incredibly frustrated that the poll results have not been announced yet. If I’m feeling this way I can only imagine how the average person in Zimbabwe is feeling.

It seems as if Mugabe is determined to hang on to power, even though according to most sources he clearly lost the presidential election. If he was a clever dictator he would have done what some claim he did back in 2002 (and possibly before that too) and rigged the elections.
Come on Bob, sitting around and not letting the results be announced doesn’t work in your favour. After butchering your country do the gracious thing and stand down, so that you country can recover and the suffering can stop. What kind of a man, who fought for his country, would allow his own countrymen to live in utter misery, just to blame it on others? One of the mantras of Mugabe’s recent election campaign, as it has been in the past, was that a vote for him would mean that Zimbabwe would “never become a colony again”. What kind of nonsense is that? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s the ramblings of a mad man.
The sooner those around him realise this the sooner they can steer their country back onto some kind of course toward stability. Anything would be better than the status quo. With inflation running at over 100,000% any path other than the one that this tyrant has taken his country down will offer at least some hope. Robert Mugabe, if you are reading this (you might well be because since you lost the election you have remained unusually quiet in your presidential quarters), for the sake of your people and for the sake of humanity, allow democracy to run it’s course. Democracy is in place to stop people like you hanging around for too long. You’ve held on to power since 1980… that’s roughly 28 years. Having not even been present on Earth for the first seven years of your presidency I can see that it’s clearly been a long time. Why don’t you take a well deserved break and book a room somewhere near The Hague in the Netherlands? They might need you there soon.


Lloyd Meikle

Third year, BJourn




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