Into the wild


By Ceridwn Eyre & Tamzyn Degoumois


Into the Wild documents a young man’s journey to escape the ‘capitalist, sordid and dark’ society of middle-class America.

After graduating from college, Christopher McCandless escapes from home and his parents’ abusive relationship, donates all his savings to charity, destroys his ID and embarks on a journey to Alaska, back to the original essence of man. On his journey he hitchhikes across America and comes into contact with a number of people who change his view on the essence of human nature.

The movie, directed by Sean Penn, is a docu-drama which leaves the viewer astounded by the depth of perception, ingenuity of insight and poetic imagery. It is narrated from both the view of Christopher on his path of growth and from the point of view of his sister, those he leaves behind in pain. Emile Hirsch, who plays Christopher McCandless, is incredibly authentic in his role which is only enhanced by the amazing cinematography.

The movie is completely enthralling, the viewer grows with McCandless through the various chapters of his life being drawn into his experiences and challenges. Into the Wild also stars Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener, and Jena Malone as McCandless’s sister, and received two well-deserved Oscar Nominations.

This movie is an absolute must see for anyone one who enjoys a well-directed, beautifully-filmed drama. It imparts on its viewers McCandless’s thought-provoking ideas, making you want to discover your own truth about what is essential and what is true in your life.






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