Turkey? Bean there, ground that..

By Marelize Dyosop, Lynn Nowers & Duduzile Hlatshwayo

Pic by Sophie Marcus


 Homeground Café is the new home of a coffee machine imported from Turkey. It is one of only a few in the country.

“It takes less than half an hour to roast the beans, depending on the amount,” says co-owner Christopher Kennedy-Good. And getting the beans roasted just right is no easy task. “You have to be astute to the process.” Kennedy-Good, who trained on the machine with master roasters in New Zealand, noticed that while this type of machine was popular in places like Australia and New Zealand, it was lacking in South Africa. He feels it is a unique experience in that you can “see it happening and sit and enjoy the coffee”.

All the coffee beans sold by the café are from African countries, including Cameroon, Zambia and Malawi. This relates to Homeground Café’s theme: “Africa is a great coffee-supplying continent,” remarks co-owner Leolita Maroun. “Really it’s indigenous to our continent and we don’t even know that.”

The machine, which occupies nearly a whole separate room in the little café, is making an impression on the customers. “This is the best place for coffee… everything in this coffee shop is perfect,” says Guilliane Johnson. Homeground Café is open weekdays from 7.30am to 3pm.






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