I salute you, Captain Planet!

Hey there

I would like to publicly thank our SRC environmental rep, Kyle Langley, for
all he has done. I know it is a thankless job. It was inspiring to see him
in action during Environmental Week. Boy, that man never stops! He is always
on the move to make a positive change for the university. I know he has
sacrificed a lot of time he could have used for academics, so he deserves to
be praised. He often does things beyond his duty. He is the most motivated,
commited, helpful and enthusiastic SRC rep I have ever met. I had the
priviledge of getting to know him personally, and I can honestly say that
his heart is very pure. When we were voting for the SRC commitee last year,
I had not yet met him and I voted for my friend to be the environmental rep.
I am so glad that Kyle made it. I don’t think anyone else could do the job
as well as him, and the people who he has worked with will surely miss him
when his time is up. The changes he has made on this campus will last for

I salute you, Captain Planet!
Shellique Carby


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