Big is back

By Tamzyn Degoumois & Tamsin George


While we search through the bargain stores for great finds and the ‘newest’ trends, it’s interesting that everything seems to look as though it crawled out the very darkest corners of our parents’ closets. Don’t cringe at the thought of wearing something your mom and even grandmothers wore in their youth, designers are giving new flare to old favourites.

Here are some Retro trends that have retaken the spotlight and the catwalk: the quintessential cocktail dress or ‘little black dress’ of the 1940s, leggings and the mini skirt from the 1960s, shoulder pads of the 1980s and the grunge, just-got-out-of-bed look of the 1990s.

The most noticeable come-back is the ‘big is better’ trend, with everything from big sunglasses and oversized handbags to bulky jewellery and trench coats splashing over the pages of every fashion magazine and advertisement.

Everything is donning the bright and luminous colours reminiscent of the 1960s and ‘70s. Bright is definitely a ‘yes’ this winter and the warm colours are sure to get you through the cold, gloomy months in Grahamstown. Another must is chunky jewellery, especially the faux-gold ‘bling’ that we all thought was tacky. It seems that ‘bling’ is big, whether it is real or not, and agrees with our pockets. Trench coats are a must-have too, especially since they’ve lost their reputation for being the attire of flashers or exhibitionists.

Other fashion trends our parents thought dead and buried are finding their way back onto the shelves. Waistcoats, waist-belts and high-cut jeans have surprisingly wiggled their way back to women’s mid-sections. Men are not exempt from the revival of oldies such as pin-stripes, corduroy, large belt buckles and loafers, items that dominate male fashion trends today.

We could give you lists of revived trends and fashion tips so that you go spend a fortune on looking trendy, but a shopping trip into your mom’s cupboard may prove more successful and certainly much cheaper. If, however, your mom’s cob-webbed stack of old clothes does not appeal to your fashion needs, just buy a few pairs of jeans because after 135 years of being a essential part in our wardrobes. The fear that this trend will die before you get to wear it is ridiculous.



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  1. […] whatever you dub it, is in and belt buckles play a big part in the revival. Fashion mags and style blogs are touting vintage belt buckles for men and slender, waist-accentuating belts for women this […]

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