Delivered full stop

By Duduzile Hlatshwayo and Tokoloho Thoahlane

A new delivery service, Delivered Full Stop has been launched by two Rhodes University students to help their fellow students manage their time better.

“The idea was inspired by a restaurant in London called Eat Full Stop,” said Fausto Di Palma, one of the co-owners of Delivered Full Stop. “I was fascinated by the ‘full stop’ ending and wanted to start my own business which has the exact same ending.”

Di Palma and Daryl Schwarz decided to start their own delivery service after seeing how often students use delivery services in Grahamstown. They both acknowledge that students have difficulty balancing school work and trips to the shops and believe that this will relieve some of the pressure.

Delivered Full Stop started late last term with a promotional delivery payment of R3 per trip. Due to petrol inflation, however, the cost of one trip has increased to a minimum of R10, depending on the amount of items and distance the trip requires.

“We have price lists of the entire places we deliver from, and we also go to check prices at Pick ‘n Pay and BP, but only on special requests,” said Di Palma.

They are also planning to get a speed point for all those students who do not keep cash on them.

“This is such a great idea, I am definitely going to use the delivery service,” said third year BA student Sandile Sitholo. Vuyiseka Rintsana, a first year BCom student, believes that Delivered Full Stop is going to be a successful business. Yolisa Mayazi, a first year BPharm student, shares Rintsana’s sentiments. “They just need to advertise more because not everyone knows about them,” said Mayazi.

Check out their Facebook group.


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