Rhodes Mountain Club reaches out and up

by Leigh Raymond

pic by Leigh Raymond

pic by Leigh Raymond

Once a month, Motlatsi Khosi, development officer for Rhodes University Mountain Club (RUMC), aims to host aspiring climbers from Joza’s Nombulelo Secondary School. Since the beginning of the year, the girls from Nombulelo have been invited to hike outdoors or climb the RUMC walls.

On Saturday, 10 August they met up again. Khosi is hoping that the once a month climb will soon be a calendar event and says that she is focusing on developing female climbers. “Girls need to work twice as hard and rely more on technique than the guys,” she said on Saturday.

The meetings form part of the RUMC External Development Programme and Khosi’s only regret is that she can’t do more for the girls. “We’re seeing a lot of promising climbers, but it’s such an expensive sport we just want to give them a sustainable taste,” she said.

Khosi Qubuda said that Saturday was her third time climbing and that she is very keen to learn.

The girls have battled the gruelling Amatolo and Hogsback trails and they all seem excited and motivated to continue. They look forward to improving in the tricky and demanding sports of hiking and mountain climbing.


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