The cow, the moon and the brownie

By Rafadzwa Mlambob

What goes down well with your favourite hubbly flavour? A glass of wine, maybe? How about a freshly baked muffin, a homemade brownie or even a full sitdown meal? If that sounds good then you’re in luck because Grahamstown’s favourite chill-out joint, Cow Moon Theory, is set to open a fully functional kitchen with an exciting and versatile menu to match.

The owner of Cow Moon Theory, Nathan Pozarycki, says that the idea of including a restaurant, in addition to hubbly, has always been in the pipeline. He said that everyone involved from the beginning of Cow Moon Theory was fairly new to the whole experience. They wanted to focus on the hubbly first and then move on to the restaurant aspect when that was established. The reason for this is simply because Cow Moon Theory is well known for its mellowed vibe and atmosphere and has become a place where people can take a break from the usual party lifestyle and enjoy a few drinks over a hubbly with friends. It seemed only natural that snacks and other treats be available for you to nibble on as well.

Regulars to Cow Moon Theory will already know that Moroccan-style sandwiches are being served and, the venue soon hopes to offer confectionery-type snacks such as brownies, cakes, muffins and eventually sitdown meals. The kitchen will run everyday except Monday when Cow Moon Theory is closed. The best part of the deal is that the menu will be very flexible and management will be fully open to suggestions. Pozarycki also said that, in the near future, customers can expect to see a bar opening which will specialise in high quality drinks and cocktails served in a more casual setting. Once all is finalised, advertising will start on Facebook and then branch out into other advertising media. The end result will surely be more ‘Full House’ signs on the door, as well as more people raving about this fairly new establishment which has quickly become a firm favourite for some and ‘the place to be’ for many others.


One Response to The cow, the moon and the brownie

  1. Good morning!

    How do I contact Nathan or anyone at Cow Moon? For business purposes, not personal – email or a business telephone number will do.
    Thank you for your time.

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