Mr & Ms Sports Personality

By Lauren vd Vyver

Jane van Doorene

Pic: Jane van Doorene


The Old Mutual Pavilion Lounge was once again hosted the annual Sports Personality Gala evening. Sportsmen and women were unusually tailored in formal wear for this event, which took place on Friday, August 29. The Sports Personality award honors the most dedicated and enthusiastic sportsman and woman at Rhodes. Members from different clubs are nominated by fellow club members, finalists are chosen by judges from Rhodes university staff and members of the Grahamstown community. The finalists were cheered on by their respective teams but there could only be two winners. In the end, Grant Martin won Mr Personality 2008 for squash, while hockey-player Sinal Govender was crowned Ms Personality of the year. When questioning Govender after her victory she said that playing hockey makes her happy and declared that “if everyone lived life like they played sport, the world would be a better place”. Grant Martin could not put his victory into words, saying “if you want something philosophical, I can’t help you”. The night was a success and concluded with loud music and pizza. The ceremony paid tribute to the people who make any game worth playing and make life a little less serious.


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