The Carter 3: Lil Wayne Review

By Puseletso Matenche

There is only one word to describe this album: fabulous! No wonder this masterpiece is considered to be some of Lil Wayne’s best work.

This latest album features artists such as Jay-Z, T-Pain, Juelz Sanatana and Fabulous. Wayne’s lyrics are easy to grasp, uncouth and leave you stunned all at the same time. Almost all the beats from this amazing album are well-structured and could leave one dancing at the club all night.

‘Lollipop’ was the first single released from this album, and it caused a big hype worldwide. The album also features the song ‘A Milli’, with a bass that could rupture your speakers. In this mind-blowing track, Wayne basically talks about the millions he possesses. This album was well thought-out and it comprises all of the elements required to keep you listening all day long.

Wayne’s voice is unique and combined with T-Pain’s voice on the track ‘Got Money’, he leaves the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. This album is a must-have and every second will convince you that it’s a necessity for your collection.


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