A road back to childhood in the Allan Webb Challenge

By Tshilidzi Mutauhatsindi

Allan Webb Challenge

Pic: Desiree Schirlinger

The annual Allan Webb Challenge took place at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday, 20 September. This exciting event, despite the rainy weather, definitely evoked childhood memories for many of the participants. The games included paintball, tug-of-war and teamwork-building races.The challenges included an orienteering race from the Botanical Gardens starting point, through to Pick ’n’ Pay in Peppergrove Mall. Teams engaged in scavenger hunts and various timed activities. Local businesses provided resources for some of the games. For example, Pick ‘n’ Pay organised one of the challenges, providing teams with a list of random in-store products. Their task was to hunt down the prices of each product listed in as fast a time as possible.

A favourite event involved of teams having to run to Nando’s for a quick meal. Each team was required to finish a 2 litre bottle of softdrink and some extra hot wings, once again against the clock.

Competition was fierce but, in the end, the “Oppidan Comm” team came away with first place, having earned an impressive 145 points. The day was concluded with a braai and drinks, turning out to be a very enjoyable experience, not only for participants, but also for the spectators and the organising committee.


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