Filmfest – More Zen Less Phobia

By Jane Rosen

FilmFest is a collaborative annual event, put together by the School of Languages and the International Office. This Rhodes University event aims to promote an “awareness of diverse cultures and contexts as depicted in films from around the world.”A particular theme is explored every term, and this final term is topically, and rather appropriately, titled “More Zen Less Phobia”. This year it investigated a number of issues surrounding migration, democracy, globalization, gender and the HIV epidemic. Six documentary style films from the Tri-Continental Film Festival are being featured. Backed by the Human Rights Media Trust, these six films have been screened in various theatres all over South Africa, in August through to September of this year. Some of the films being shown include The Choir, The War on Democracy, Four Wives, One Man and Milking the Rhino. War on Democracy was one of the more recent films featured and drew an impressively large audience of students and lecturers alike. In commenting on the film itself, second year student Ignatius Vermaak said, “This movie is, to a large extent, aimed at divulging the political infringements of the United States during the twentieth century and at present.”

The films are shown in the Eden Grove Lecture Theatre and admission is free of charge.


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