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As much as Torealba will be the main Chief attacking threat, I forsee Schalk Wyk getting all the glory. There is something about his touch and fortune everytime he is up with the Venezualan born striker, so he is my pick to notch at most 15 goals. Although, don’t be shocked if Daine Klate from Supersport has 14 goals as a winger. I forsee making him a SA contender for the future or even 2010. Muteuro Chimedu

Mamelodi Sundown’s Collins ‘Matofontofo’ Mbesuma will top it for me, he is a good finisher and sundowns shots on target are pretty good. Unathi Vambani

Jose Torealba, he has played in the PSL for a while now and understands the dynamics of the league. Adriano still has to adapt to the style of football in South Africa, as it is very different from the Algerian league. Looking at his form, he is unstoppable.Nyiko Mavundza

Amakhosi for life! Torrealba will top the standings. Lonwabo Fayo


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