MTN Challenge

By Tshilidzi Mutavhatsindi

Rhodes was, once again kitted out in MTN Yellow Summer gear on Sunday, 21 September for the most recent MTN Campus Challenge at Rhodes University.

This event is one which requires extensive energy, creativity and team collaboration. 125 teams of two people raced, while navigating and tracking down hidden treasures, in an attempt to win laptops, Nokia cellphones and Playstation merchandise.

In the end, only three teams made it to claim these glorious prizes which ranged from laptops for first place, to cellphones for third. Teams were also required to exercise their minds and answer 12 tricky multiple choice questions along the way. Each question had a checkpoint where both members of the team had to take a picture of themselves using a cellphone provided at registration.

The adventure and adrenalin rush began at 12h00, and the teams were given a mere 75 minutes to complete the task. There was no time for physical or cognitive laziness in this short but exhausting event.

Second year students Isaac Monama and Carlyn Smith (the ‘Bonnie and Clyde team’) came away with first place. The two also competed in the event last year. “This year we worked as a team with a set game plan,” explained Monama. “It was not only about winning, but for the experience of team building”.

Another competitor, Unathi Vimbani said, “It’s not just a race, it challenges your mental capacity”. The day ended with great music, much fun and lucky audience members also walked away with some awesome prizes.


2 Responses to MTN Challenge

  1. JACKIE says:

    Hi Tshilidzi Mutavhatsindi I have about the MTN campus challenge on the internet and is a great challenge imdeed.I was firstly told by my friend, who is doing four year at university of Limpopo and I am really interrested to participate.
    I am Seshoka Jackie who is studying at Tshwane University of Technology and for more info you can kindly call on 0739789857/ send me via e-mail.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    thank you

  2. Christian kubiak says:

    I already won the campus challenge in The Vaal university of technology and would like to know what the grand prize is going to be

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