Plusher than ever

By Tamzyn Degoumois


Pic: Warren Canning – Rory Elliot, lead singer of Plush

On the last Thursday of third term, Plush was back in Grahamstown to promote the remixed version of their album Rage On. The acoustic rock band delighted a full audience at the Union with old Plush favourites as well as some of their latest exciting tracks.

Lead singer Rory Eliot said the band enjoyed playing in Grahamstown because of the atmosphere of the crowd, describing it as “one of the most hyped audiences in the world”. He added jokingly that playing for Grahamstown was “even worth not making too much cash”.

Plush released the remixed version of Rage On earlier this year and, according to Eliot, the response has been phenomenal. Tracks like “When Grace Grew Tall”, as well as the title track have been dominating the local radio waves and the band has said that the response on their latest tour to the UK was “incredible”.

Rage On was the first album released by Plush after the tragic death of co-founder and former lead guitarist, Chas Smit in 2005. Eliot describes Rage On as a cathartic album “inspired by pure determination and the desire to succeed in the face of tragedy”.

Plush’s music, according to Eliot, is an “honest, heart on the sleeve expression”. He attributes its resonance and appeal amongst South African youth to the fact that “it says what we all feel as young people trying to connect with our life purposes”.

2009 is already full of plans and goals for the band members. Eliot is off to the UK to do a Masters Degree in songwriting and the band will be spending more time getting exposure in the international arena. But they still promise exciting tours for South African fans as well as a new album, currently in production, which Eliot says will be “the best one yet”. One thing is for sure – almost three years after Eliot re-entered the South African music scene, Plush is once again the cause of great excitement in the musical industry and the band to watch out for in 2009. As it says on the Plush website, this is a band which will surely inspire a movement.


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