Spot of the week: Cafe Blaca

By Puseleteso Matenche

cafe blanca

Pic: Desiree Schirlinger

Café Blanca is the newest, hottest looking hang-out spot in Grahamstown and had its grand opening on 19 September. This spot is different from most of the usual hang-out spots we have.It features a massive outside garden and a miniature bar, leading from the entrance right into a beer garden on the terrace. This place is brilliant for mini picnics while relaxing in the sun or even lazing around after lectures on a sunny afternoon with a group of friends. As for nightlife, it would be just the thing for predrinks or a cool-down after a hectic night out when you are over packed bars and head-bopping.

We all know that an open area has its own pros and cons, and in this instance a mini skirt and high heels would not be ideal. On a warm night, however, you can enjoy drinks under the stars. The beer garden and terrace is big enough to host any kind of party – ideal for a 21st.

The menu of this trendy place ranges from cocktails and bottomless coffee to draughts and foot-long subs. In the past, Grahamstown has been confined to a limited number of drinking spots. With Café Blanca around, smiles could be put back on our faces and add new zest to our party scene. Could this possibly be the next biggest party hot spot for Rhodes students? Only time will tell.


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