Students mugged in drama

By staff reporters

drama deptartment muggings

Pic: Desiree Schirlinger

There has been a marked increase in crime over the past few months. Digs break-ins have been frequent and petty theft rife, instilling a general fear in Grahamstown residents. This recent crime trend now seems to be making its mark on campus. The safe Rhodes ‘bubble’ where students often take their safety for granted is not as safe as it was.On the afternoon of Saturday 20 September, two female Rhodes students were held up and mugged inside the Drama department after a rehearsal. According to the students, the criminals appeared to be fairly young street children. The two were armed with knives and threatened the students, eventually managing to strip both of them of their wallets and cell phones.After searching the students for their valuables, the thieves allegedly ordered them to follow them outside the building. Once in the stairwell, the two students were able to make a swift escape by running away to their car. They then drove immediately to the Campus Protection Unit (CPU) to report the crime. The criminals were on foot and disappeared with the stolen goods. Although traumatised, the students were unharmed. In light of this recent crime epidemic in Grahamstown, this incident was frighteningly close to home. Speaking to Activate, CPU Head Guard Chris Adams has advised students to be vigilant, saying, “Security is always the last thing people take into consideration. It’s not easy to identify criminals – they could be anyone. Your personal security should be the first thing on your mind, whatever you’re doing.”


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