A guide to the other side of swot week

By Kate Bishop and Candice Brissenden    

swot week


Pic: Desiree Schirlinger          

We have all experienced procrastination setting in as exams loom ever-nearer. Here are a few things to do to pass the time so you don’t feel guilty about staring blankly at your notes. Since your nights out and the Rhodes general alcohol consumption will be cut in half and your budget will have doubled, there are a few luxuries you can still indulge in without feeling as much of the guilt which goes hand in hand with procrastination.
If golf is your thing, you can play a round with some friends at the Grahamstown golf course. Or, if you need to vent some exam frustration, you can spend an afternoon firing paintballs at your friends at Gung-Ho paintball field.  For those of you who are not into walking 18 holes or taking blows to the body, a movie at the Roxbury or a trip to Spur for their R20 special on Monday night will provide for a relaxing break. After pulling an all-nighter, why not stop by Café Blanca for their R6 French toast with cinnamon or grab an omelette at Juice Bar?
For those of us who are ‘financially challenged’, there are some student friendly activities that don’t cost a thing. If it’s a hot sunny day, take a stroll down to the pool and get some vitamin D – imperative to studying of course! You can always work up a sweat and expend some energy by playing a friendly game of tennis with some friends. Take a drive to  Grey dam to get some peace and quiet or go on a walk on one of the many nature trails around Grahamstown.
We all know how unpredictable Grahamstown weather can be, so for those cold rainy days, why not download a movie or get together with friends for a cup of coffee.
Everyone has their moment of weakness and sometimes procrastination is your mind’s way of telling you that it needs a break. Follow this Rhodent’s guide to procrastination and learn how to waste your time constructively.


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