Chemsoc Magic

By Annalene Meyer


Pics: Chemsoc  

The Chemistry Society (ChemSoc) has been actively involved in the community this year. ‘Magic shows’ were presented for children around the country at the Children’s Arts Fest held in July. Popping balloons, floating balls, colourful rainbows and gooey slime were the order of the day. These shows were taken to local schools including Ntaba Maria, Victoria Primary, Archie Mbolekwa and Good Shepherd. Throughout the year, ChemSoc members were involved with Khanya Maths and Science Club which continue to go from strength to strength. Our active involvement in the community is in an effort to encourage pupils to enjoy science in primary school and see the fun of science. The society has also hosted a variety of guest speakers. In August, Professor Bette Davidowitz from the University of Cape Town gave a series of lectures on chemical education for this year’s Barker Lecture Series. Two post graduate students, Dr Preeti Kaur and Dr Linda Sellou from Bristol University gave a talk on their PhD research and are in Grahamstown doing chemistry outreach with the Rhodes Chemistry Department during October.


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