Give 5 gives the Oriel ladies a feastful night for their efforts

By Mpho Raborife

Give 5 hosted a charity dinner in Oriel Dining Hall on 30 of September to congratulate the ladies of Oriel Hall for all their hard work during the Give 5 campaign. Although the ladies did not raise the largest amount of money (that award went to St. Mary’s Dining Hall), they were the hall with the highest number of participation.

Jameson House was the house with 100 percent participation. Jameson’s community engagement representative, Bianca Mirino, says that this is the second year that the residence Jameson has achieved 100 percent participation and that they have made history. Oriel hall warden, Albertina Jere, was delighted with these results and added that because last year’s award dinner was so wonderful, she thought that the ladies would be inspired to win again this year. Mirino said “We were over the moon when we found out we had won.” Mirino also added that next year they would aim for the hall with the highest amount of funds raised, and that competing with St. Marys for that award would help raise even more money for the campaign.  

Give 5 is a student campaign launched in 2004 by Rhodes students and since then has become an annual event. Students are encouraged to give at least R5 to the cause. Oriel’s Senior student  Amanda Sityana was made an honorary member of the Give 5 committee, along with the St. Mary’s senior student. Give 5 is Rhodes’ equivalent to other institutions’ RAG events, and was created in the hopes of fostering a philanthropic spirit amongst Rhodents as well as to raise awareness about the privilege of higher education in general.   


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