Letter to Editor

Dear Editor
(From Siyabonga-ka-Phindile Yonzi)

I’m disheartened by the vandalism of the pictures of Bantu Biko in the Biko Building. It must be said that it was not an act of drunkenness but a venting out of racism that is deep seated in our institution. We are aware of the ideologies of those who frequently drink in that particular shebeen that is housed in Biko building. I personal witnessed them complaining about the name and further saying South Africa must be renamed Republic of Mandela because everything is named after him. These untransformed mindsets are not clear of the significance of the name Biko and its relations to Rhodes. I am actual [sic] not surprised about such mindset because Rhodes itself is named after someone who vandalised and brutally disorganised our continent. So therefore his descendents are continuing to vandalise anything that is African as he did.
 This accident shows racism that people experience around campus. Today in one of the residents in Founders white students are complaining about house committees that are led by black students. They even say that they will not bring their children residents led by black people. So we must admit that racism is alive and if not addressed it will explode like xenophobia.
 It must be emphasised that this behaviour will not be tolerated by the progressive mindset irrespective of race and otherwise. This witchcraft delays our realisation of democratic, non-sexist and non-racist South Africa. Therefore anyone that is practising racism in secret or public has barbaric mentality such aren’t acceptable in this country although might be acceptable at Rhodes University. 

Siyabonga-ka-Phindile YonziThird Year BA (Politics and Law)


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