Masincedane soup kitchen sustains community

By Sarah Schäfer

 soup kitchen

Pic: Katy Bonheim 

The Masincedane soup kitchen operates from the Xolani township in Grahamstown and feeds some of our community’s most vulnerable members – the young and the elderly. Our society was established at Rhodes University to support the kitchen, and has since gone from strength to strength. Our aim is sustainability and, with this in mind, we set up a vegetable garden that now supplies extra nourishment. Local businesses have also become involved in the provision of bread and non-perishables. A fresh water tank has been donated thanks to fundraising from other generous societies, especially Green Revolution And Social Solutions (GRASS) and we are in the process of having this built next to the property.  The soup kitchen is run out of Cynthia Belwane’s own house three times a week. We have recently started a litter-collection project with children who attend regularly and, so far, it has been a great success. Over a weekend, society members and the kitchen’s customers painted four big rubbish bins which now decorate the area. We have regular collections at Pick ‘n Pay who, along with Checkers, donate the bread. 
This society believes in empowerment and sustainability and sees the great need within our community for a project like the Masincedane soup kitchen. Our plans for the next year aim at getting more students involved – time is our most precious commodity, and this is what an initiative like Masincedane needs. 


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