Registering for elections

By Azabeluncedo Zwezwe & Craig Wynn  

Next year South Africa will hold its fourth democratic election. To vote in these, citizens are required to register with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). While we have already had a registration driver here at Rhodes University, we still have the opportunity to register over the weekend of 8 – 9 November. This can be done at your municipality’s local IEC office.
According to their website, however, you may only vote in the municipality in which you registered. This means that those of us registered as part of the Makana municipality will have to vote here in Grahamstown, at the Rhodes University theatre.
With the election dates yet to be announced, we will simply have to wait for information regarding whether we can vote in the areas we did not register in. If we are only able to vote in Grahamstown and if the voting takes place during the Rhodes vacation, voting in Grahamstown will be problematic for those of us who do not permanently reside here.
For further information, you can call the IEC head office at 012 428 5700.


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