The Pronoun-SIR

By Puseletso Matenche

‘Pronounsir’ is the name that this incredible Rhodes musician goes by. The play on words is strikingly unique and attention grabbing, thus making it an easy commitment to memory. Munyumba Mutwale is a second year Business Science student. He was born in Zambia but has spent most of his life in Botswana and South Africa. Most people will know him by PRO and will attest to his voluble personality. Mutwale released his first self-titled album, PRO in 2007, whilst in his first year at varsity. He is currently working on his second album entitled Big man on campus. The first single from this upcoming album, called “mood”, has already been released and has been getting good airtime on RMR. When asked what he thought of his first album he modestly replied by saying, “I saw it as a learning curve for me and as a way of introducing my name to the public.”
Munyumba knew he wanted to become a musician from the young age of five, just after he was cast in a pre-school play, and has since joined and performed in a few choirs. Munyumba got his first musical start in Grade 11 when he and his friends formed a group called Chapter 1. He thought the name of the group was appropriate as he felt as though it was the beginning of his career in music. Although music is his first love, he recognised early on how musicians and musical artists are exploited and that’s when he made the conscious decision to get a higher education. To him, it’s not so much about having something to fall back on but rather merging his music and education. He believes that music is a reflection of the “humanness” of all people and that people are mostly remembered through music, “not just bubble music, but real music”. Munyumba is a rapper, producer and a writer, though in his upcoming album he features other producers by the likes of DJ Peewee-Peewee and DJ Match.
In his spare time, he can be caught listening to legendary musicians like Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Percy Sledge and Bob Marley. He can also be caught jamming to one of his great inspirations 2Pac, whom he believes is not just a rap star but got out of his comfort zone and approached music from a political aspect, speaking to and for the people. Like 2Pac, Munyumba is not interested in making music in the name of fame or money but rather sees it as an opportunity for him to express himself and get his messages across to his listeners.
Munyumba ‘Pronounsir’ Mutwale will be releasing ‘Big man on campus’ in the next few weeks so keep your ears and eyes to the ground –  if it’s as good as his first album then it will  definitely be worth having a listen to. 


One Response to The Pronoun-SIR

  1. craig says:

    does anyone know where i can get my hands on the first album?

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