Victory for Rhodes waterpolo team

By Leigh Raymond

waterpolo rhodes women

Pic by Kuhoano Kunutu: Jane Charlton, Rhodes polo player at the match against St Andrews, Wednesday 15 October  

On Wednesday, 15 October, the Rhodes women’s water polo team played their second match of the league against the St. Andrew’s third. It took place at the newly built DSG indoor pool. The match was part of the internal league, a last year set-up between the Rhodes water polo teams and school teams, with the aim of allowing all the teams to play one more time.

The game began at 17:30 with St. Andrew’s kicking the match off with a spectacular goal. It was a strength versus strength championship, with the Rhodes team coming back full force, placing the score at four all in no time. The St. Andrew’s team demonstrated pure skill and athleticism, but were no match for the Rhodes side. Rhodes scored the last goal of the match, leaving the end score 5-4. “We won but we played very disjointedly,” said Kim O’Hanlon. O’Hanlon herself scored three goals for Rhodes with Cari Lee Haakonsen scoring the other two.


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