World watch: America votes

By Meggan McCarthy


It’s being called the most exciting US presidential election in living memory as both Barack Obama and John McCain scramble to win over American voters.  According to polls, American voters place greater trust in Democratic nominee, Obama, to solve the economic crisis. Republican John McCain’s proposals to solve the economic crisis have not been as well received by the American public. According to analysts, Obama is attracting young American voters who have become more interested in politics. Analyst John Wolf said, “Young people are going out and they are working in great numbers for Senator Obama. If he is elected and if they then stay engaged in politics, it is very possible that the Democratic Party would be able to fuse this group as Democrats for much of their political lives.”  
McCain is struggling to defend states which were thought to be solidly Republican, but his biggest strength is that he is seen as a serious, experienced leader. Obama, however, has said that his tax plan would cut taxes for 95 percent of working Americans, while increasing them only for the citizens making over $250 000 a year. Analysts say that in order to win the presidency, Obama will have to win over the voters in Republican states such as West Virginia – a state which favours McCain.
The world awaits the elections on 4 November.


3 Responses to World watch: America votes

  1. I personally think that the issues go well beyond those that were cited above. The economy is in fact in a shambles here in America and that was caused by government mandates on the market. Not by “free market” practices. Neither of the major candidates are even coming close to touching that hot potato.

    Both candidates are viewed as unacceptable by firearm owners, despite what the NRA is saying. Both candidates are fundamentally weak on supporting the Constitution. Both candidates are “wishy washy” on the war on terror, despite what their spin doctors claim.

    The one thing that can be said about this election with certainty is that it is by far the dirtiest that anyone living has ever seen.

  2. Scott says:

    This Financial Crisis began a long time before America was “discovered”, long before the British Isles were settled, in fact so long ago that we’ve forgotten. It was when humanity first made the decision that Land could be considered personal property and belonged in the marketplace as a commodity. Land is a necessary component of Life. Food and materials for clothing and shelter all originate from Land. In fact Land is where the majority of wealth producing goods originate. Along with Oxygen and Water, Land is a necessary component of Life and therefore a Birthright of every human being. All “great” societies have met their demise due to the neglect of this simple fact. We can point our fingers at peripheral problems and solutions all we want but until we learn to honor the contract of Life and build our social structure upon that Sacred Foundation we will always reap dire consequences in the long run. Land is a Universal Birthright!

    There is a principle called Ockham’s razor which is attributed to the 14th-century English logician and Franciscan friar, William of Ockham. It basically states that – “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”

    The following are two simple ideas that effectively create the ideal social construct.

    Simple Idea #1

    1. Socialize ALL Land

    2. Charge leases on ALL Land based on current market prices.

    3. Return 100% of the resulting revenue equally to every man, woman and child (no matter their financial status) in the form of a yearly dividend check.

    4. Make the Universal Birthright of Land an Everlasting Standard in the education of every Child.

    This effectively makes the average piece of Land Free for every Living Soul and restores our Natural Birthright as well as coupling our social construct to the Principles of Life.

    Simple Idea #2

    1. Remove ALL FORMS of taxation

    2. Implement a Tax on ALL NEW goods based on the resources they contain and the resources they use in production and delivery (this can easily be implemented with the current barcode system used at the checkout)

    3. Use this system to encourage/discourage various resource usages (High tax on non-renewable/ecosystem damaging products and low/no tax on renewable/ecosystem enhancing products) and to encourage purchasing of local products.

    4. Use the resulting revenue to fund infrastructure expenses and the restoration of ecosystems.

    This effectively encourages the creation/use of longer lasting, high quality products as well as encouraging recycling and reuse of existing products while also establishing a compatible relationship with the ecosystem.

    Idea #2 effectively constrains the ravaging appetite of the capitalistic consumer society within the Boundaries of Sustainability while Idea #1 effectively encloses both Sustainability and capitalism within the Principles of Life.

    That’s it! The path to True Democracy – True Liberty. Simple and Effective


  3. Spoken like a true Neo-Marxist Scott.

    democracy defined: Two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner.

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