“A Friend of Every Nation”: –Barack Obama and his new America

By Craig Wynn


Time Square, New York City – Supporters look on as Barrack Obama takes his oat of office on 20 January

Barrack Hussein Obama is officially the new president of America. He has taken control of what is reputedly the most powerful nation in the world. With that power, of course, comes some of the greatest responsibilities that any world leader has had to deal with in modern times. What with the various wars in the Middle East, global climate change and the international economic crisis, Obama has definitely stepped into shoes that not many would dare go near. This begs the question: does he have what it takes?

Well, according to the majority of American voters, Obama is the best man for the job. Indeed, throughout the world, people have been celebrating since his inauguration on 20 January 2008.Since he first began campaigning, Obama has been dealing out great promises to his country’s people and has continued to do so since he was elected as the 44th president of the United States. These promises include his wishes to get American soldiers out of the Middle East as soon as possible, while being careful to avoid a complete collapse in the area, while being sure to take every necessary step to prevent anti-US terrorism. He also says that America will finally take the appropriate measures to fight global warming. Since the recent economic collapse throughout the world, he has also pledged a great deal of his time and power into repairing the situation, returning jobs and comfort to the people of America, and, in effect, the rest of the world.

The multitude of promises that Obama has made may be, as with any politician’s guarantees, thought of as too good to be true. Wisely, though, he has been careful to establish that none of America’s problems can be overcome without its citizens each playing their part by supporting each other and their government throughout these tough and frightening times. While this could be described as the ‘clause in the contract’, it is in fact an encouraging policy. For the first time in a long time, it seems, the US has had a president who can actually receive enough support from his people to get things done – something his predecessor George W. Bush never seemed able to achieve.

With a campaign slogan like “Yes We Can” and timeless quotes from his inaugural speech such as “the world has changed, and we must change with it” and that America will be the “friend of each nation”, Obama has definitely stepped up to the plate of a promising leader. We also heard him speak of the need to develop a positive relationship with the Islamic world. In fact, with their new president’s middle name being Hussein, many see the ability of the Americans to overlook such a potentially controversial (albeit petty) point as being a sign that they are all prepared to embrace a more accepting stance.

So, then, we have all seen that Barack Obama is putting on an exciting and inspiring show of diplomacy, peace, understanding and change. We have heard his ideas and promises and have witnessed the massive support he has gathered. And we also know now that the world is looking to him and his new government to fulfill our hopes and dreams of a better world without war, without bitterness and without any fear of natural and financial disaster which need not occur. Yet, all we can do is wait and see whether his ideas formulate over time, and only then decide if he has indeed changed the world, as so many hope and believe he can. We want, with his help, to overcome our many woes and go from saying “yes we can”, to “yes we did”.


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