Alcohol personality types

By Ithuteng Mashabela


Have you ever wondered what your choice of alcohol could say about your personality? According to extensive research conducted on Rhodes campus and loads of practical experience in the field, the following has been discovered:
Wine lovers

Students who prefer wine are usually in search of a sense of classiness in their alcohol consumption escapades. A Rosé is a common favourite, with the most popular brands on campus being Four Cousins and Robertson’s. Unfortunately, quality is compromised by affordability when it comes to these divine wines.

Spirited young bloke/gal

So you like it strong and hard huh? People who head straight to the spirits aisle at Preston’s Liquor Store usually know exactly what they want in life (or at least for that night). 43% alcohol? Yeah, we know what you’re chasing tonight, but be careful not to find yourself hugging the toilet bowl by 9pm. If you’re on a tight budget, Russian Bear or Cape to Rio are affordable options. Smirnoff Triple Distilled is not the gentlest of the bunch either.

Cream Liqueur

This is where classy cruisers rear their heads. These people know that quality costs. Not only are cream liqueurs simply delicious – they’re versatile too. Great with crushed ice or dashed with milk, they can also add a great flavour to vanilla ice cream. These liqueurs aren’t particularly friendly on the pocket, but a glass of Amarula or Cape Velvet is well worth saving up for.

Crackling Fiend

And then we have a favourite among those Rhodents who indulge a little more than they should, while appreciating the confines of a tight student budget. It’s wine, yes, but it’s in a class of its own. Shunned by some and embraced by others, Crackling is like wine with a slightly bitter zing to it, and will catch you off guard if not enjoyed with care.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this thirst-quenching report in the next edition of Activate, and remember to enjoy responsibly.


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