First-year fashion forecast

By Candice Brissenden


Those of you setting a stylishly clad foot on Rhodes soil for the first time may like to savour your last few days of ‘respectable’ conservative dress before being sucked into a whole new world of fashion. Your dress sense could go down a number of paths. The ever-popular “bungi look” is what several first years fall victim to, but then there are also the emo, goth, and indie-kid looks to entice you. You may very well already fall into one of these categories, but be prepared to take your look to a whole new level whilst at Rhodes.

Footwear is definitely something to re-assess once you arrive at Rhodes. Those fashionable high heels are most certainly a candidate to be traded in for some comfortable flats. Some people shun shoes altogether and it is not uncommon to see some people walking around barefoot all year.The biggest trends that will be popping up around campus are bright and citrus-style colours, romantic dresses and short shorts for the ladies. Meanwhile, things are getting tighter and brighter for the guys. Without a doubt, Rhodents will put their own twist on these commercial trends by adding cross-body bags, sheer fabrics and bringing back the true 60s Woodstock look.

Despite this rather eclectic picture of fashion at Rhodes, there are those rare beacons of hope that will inspire you with their pure individuality, creativity and style. Boys in skinny jeans and luminous t-shirts and girls in 50s style dresses and 80s gym-style leggings are just some examples. It is these quirky and classy Rhodents who are setting the trends for summer 08/09.

For those rookie fashionistas just arriving at Rhodes, be sure to keep your unique style while adding something trendy or quirky to your look every once in a while to show your true personality. There is no shortage of inspiration on campus, but if you are looking for a way to transform your image, why not swing by the Art or Drama departments and take some notes. Don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone; after all, university is all about new experiences, and you may just be pleasantly surprised.


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