Open Column

By Fleur Rollason

So, you’ve arrived in the G-spot for the start of your university career and Grahamstown may not be quite what you were expecting. I can assure you that the years I have spent here have been some of the best. You may be thinking this place is a little too small for your liking. The one thing I can tell you is that it is definitely a unique place. Yes, Grahamstown does have little more than one traffic light and you may see slightly strange sights such as cattle grazing along well-known streets. And yes, a sometimes sleepy little dorp like Grahamstown does have traffic problems! I should know. I just got stuck in the Gtown ‘rush hour’! I was so close to going to UCT instead of Rhodes, but I thank my lucky stars I didn’t because I know I would not have had the awesome experiences I have had here. I love this town, and yes I know what you’re thinking, but seriously it is awesome. Soon you should discover that there is more to the party scene than New Street. Do yourself a favour, head to the Monument for sundowners or Settler’s Dam, on the road towards PE, for a picnic on a Sunday.While you need to fit in that thing called studying, don’t waste your first year, it flies by. I know everyone tells you that throughout the week and probably for the rest of first year, but seriously, it’s gone before you know it. Look out for those random nights out that you weren’t expecting. Sometimes those nights out, when you just want to go out for that ‘one drink’, are the best – and a note on that ‘I’ll just go out for one drink’. Not possible. There is just no such thing as ‘one drink’. You’ll sit and have however many and then head off to BP for that awesome pie that will save your life in the morning. And sometimes deciding to go and chat to your friend next door, landing up talking until the early morning, is better than going out to get drunk. One thing you may discover is things often don’t run smoothly. I have had nights out interrupted by drunk digsmates setting off alarms and driving drunken students, passed out in their cars, home. And he wasn’t very appreciative to my friend who drove him either!

However, it seems to be that these nights are the best. My main piece of advice is always make time for your friends because, when I think back, the best times I have had in the G-spot are with my mates, it doesn’t matter where or when. It is easy to spend rather a lot of time on your computer in your room so make sure you knock on your neighbour’s doors and have a cup of coffee with them. Being a student at Rhodes is not all about the nights out, of course. It’s about that sports team you join or that society you are a part of.

So, go forth and enjoy your first week, and please be aware that the Cane Train is not always the best idea!


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