Oppidans’ involvement in Campus sports

By Tshilidzi Mutavhatsindi

Pic: An Oppidan team taking part in the Trolley Race at the Oppidan Olympics, May 2008

Living in digs can elicit a feeling of isolation from campus sports and activities. The Rhodes Oppidan community makes up the majority of the student body, giving those who live off-campus a chance to become involved in the sport of their choice. ‘Team Oppie’, the Oppidan student team, is one of the best sports teams at Rhodes University. It has several clubs which participate in various campus sports activities and leagues. This includes, among others, hockey, soccer and table tennis. Under the supervision of Malcolm Freeman in 2008, Team Oppie gave it their all, winning the inter-res men’s, women’s, and spirit awards at the Rhodes Annual sports awards evening, which took place at the Monument.

Team Oppie’s soccer teams (both men and women) also participated in the Rhodes internal leagues. The men’s soccer team made it to the knockout round last year in the Rhodes Music Radio (RMR) soccer league, after a thrilling 9-2 win against De Beers. The women’s team took 1st place. “We had a great year in 2008, and are hoping the new sports representatives will keep and exceed the standard in 2009,” said Malcolm Freeman at the 2008 Oppie awards evening. The new Oppidan sport’s representative is Tshilidzi Nephtal Mutavhatsindi, assisted by Silvanus Welcome. “First year Oppidan students can sign up for their choice of sport at the registration venue in Eden Grove, or consult the Oppidan secretary at the Stephen Biko building,” said the new Oppidan sports representatives.


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