Rhodes Lingo

By staff reporters

When the rest of the student body returns, you may start hearing a whole dictionary full of strange, previously unheard of terms flying around. Here is a short list of popular Rhodent lingo to help you as you settle into this mad little town.

Bush diving: A favourite pastime of drunken students. This activity involves literally jumping into bushes. The pain is not felt until the morning after.All-nighter: When someone pulls an all-nighter, they stay up all night doing an essay or an assignment. This usually happens when students leave essays until the last minute.

DP: Stands for Duly Performed certificate. A student will receive their DP if they complete and hand in all of their assignments, pitch up to write their tests and attend compulsory tutorials. Students have a DP for every subject and if they don’t meet that subject’s criteria, as prescribed by that department, their DP will be taken away and they will not get a credit for that course.

Tutorial: A compulsory study session in which students meet with a small group of their peers to discuss a certain section of work for which they have to prepare answers for set questions assigned beforehand.

Seal-clubbing: First year students are sometimes termed ‘baby seals’ by older students, who set out to score or ‘club’ these seals. Watch out!

Dawnie: A really early lecture which most students don’t bother going to.

A cost: Can refer to a person or an incident. If someone is a cost, they are a pest or are not pulling their weight, especially with group work, so they are costing the team.

BP run: In Grahamstown, most places close early during the week but BP is the only store which is open 24 hours a day.

Cheese griller: For some, this incredibly healthy snack is the best part of a BP run. Cheese grillers have been known to find themselves in the strangest of places.

Chunder: Puke. This usually happens after a hectic night out.

The hill: a broad term which refers to the residences situated upper campus.

Digs: Houses or flats in town in which oppidans live.

Blue Route: The Blue Route is a safe, guard patrolled route running through campus. There are several panic buttons situated in strategic places.

Naps: When you spend the night in someone else’s res room or digs. There are many kinds of naps. Use your imagination.

Mare: A crazy, usually drunken, night out, which may end in naps or chundering – see above

Pulling a Viv: Remaining alcohol free for the night. Like a nice, responsible student should.

Walk of shame: Some of the delightfully classy men’s residences on campus have a ritual which involves humiliating ‘nappers’ attempting to make a swift exit the following morning by seeing them off with a round of applause.

Exclusion: usually refers to academics or residence. When you are not allowed to continue studying at Rhodes or are not allowed living in your residence any more. Not something to aim for.


One Response to Rhodes Lingo

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha ha, so good to read all the lingo again. Went to Rhodes in 07, people in Cape Town have no clue whats going on when you say them!!

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