Vegging around: the grass isn’t quite as green on this side

By Simone Armer

Roasted aubergine bakes, vegetable moussaka and spinach and feta pies all sound delicious, but don’t be fooled by the ROSS meal-server’s tantalizing descriptions; you will soon get bored of the soggy, tasteless mush that has been dumped on your plate. Take it from me, being a vegetarian in residence is not easy. On the plus side, there are plenty of places in town where you can get tasty, meat-free meals.

Pirate’s Pizza, for example, has a delicious peppadew, feta and olive pizza and Olde 65 makes a mean veggie burger.

However, when your bank balance decides to start wearing purple and you’re feeling the pinch, parting with your precious copper is not going to be such a favourable option.

Enter the portable fridge. I got mine halfway through first year and I have never looked back. It looks like a mini cooler bag but each side has a built-in ice pack so all you have to do is pop it in your residence fridge, wait for water to turn to ice and pop all your goodies from Pick ‘n Pay inside. It should last about three days before the bricks begin to melt. Alternatively, you can invest in a lock, that way you can keep your bag in the fridge for as long as you want without having to worry about your food getting pinched.For all you BA students, there’s always creativity. Who knew that taking an extra helping of feta cheese from the dining-hall salad could turn into a delicious snack? I’ve lived on toasted feta sandwiches for more weeks than I’d like to remember, but it was a nice change from standard vegetarian meals. Another idea is to order non-vegetarian meals and simply refuse the meat when dishing up. A great deal of Halaal and Normal meals come with sides that you’ll never see if you stick to Vegetarian.

Most of the Vegetarian meal options are made with some form of soya, so if you don’t eat the bean curd, you’re going to have to fill up on snacks between meals. The farmer’s market at the Old Gaol on Saturday mornings has a wide range of nuts and seeds, most of which are priced under R5.

If your tastebuds are still feeling a little abandoned, you can always ask around for ideas. There’s quite a large vegetarian community at Rhodes and other students may be able to help you.

Remember; creativity is key. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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