Welcome, purple people

By Kelly Adams & Meggan McCarthy

Pic: Desiree Schirlinger

Welcome to Rhodes, a place where purple will become your new favourite colour, all-nighters will become a bad habit and overalls will become your outfit of choice at all sporting events.

Rhodes is a famous institution, renowned for both its academic excellence and its partying lifestyle. University is, after all, a fountain of knowledge where students come to drink. However, never forget the main reason you are here – to get a degree. You wouldn’t want to leave before your initial three or four years is up.This year, Rhodes is undergoing several interesting changes. O-Week sees the first intake of students into new residences in the Kimberley West and Lillian Ngoyi dining halls. Despite all the structural changes, the same Rhodent spirit has lasted over a century and will remain with you throughout your life.

The cosmopolitan campus welcomes all students. Race, gender and sexual preferences amalgamate to form a lively, intelligent and well integrated student body. The various societies on campus provide support for students in various aspects of university life, as well as introducing you to peers who have similar interests and talents, be it of a sporting or cultural nature.

This first semester will be both exciting and daunting as you orientate yourself around the beautiful Rhodes campus and quaint Grahamstown, which you now call home. For some, the absence of a Woolworths Food Hall or McDonald’s may be the only hardship. However, if you are having a hard time settling in, house wardens and the Counselling Centre should put your mind at ease and help you find your place at Rhodes.

Most importantly, stay safe. O-Week is all about having a good time and discovering the amazing place that is Rhodes. Look after yourself and your friends to ensure that O-Week is the best that it can be.


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