Red Bull Gives You Wings

By Gwen Matthews

Red Bull’s well-known motto was put into practice at Alec Mullins on 18 February when thousands of paper planes flew through the air in an attempt to win a place in the Red Bull Paper Wings contest.

The contest is taking place at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria, and the winning ‘pilots’ from over 80 countries will assemble to battle out the three categories; Longest Airtime, Longest Distance and Aerobatics. The second edition of the contest proves to have heated up since the competition started with 48 countries and 10 000 competitors participating. Having come down from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, the Red Bull staff did not witness any great record breakers at Rhodes. The Longest Distance world record to beat stands at an impressive 63.19m – longer than the Wright Brothers covered in their first flight, but a great atmosphere and a great time was had by all. Winners will be chosen after all campuses have competed and the records will be checked to see who the winner is in each category. A participating student, Derek Sanhokwe, said that he was focusing on “ingenuity”. This was evident in his sheet of A4 paper quickly taking shape into a streamlined looking concord. To all his Rhodent fans, he reminds them to “support Red Bull and – of course – DJ I-Candi,” winner of the Aerobatics competition. James Dillon admitted that this was an event for anyone, “I hadn’t even prepared, it’s a great doing something that’s different,” he said. By hosting this event, Red Bull managed to take all participating students back to their childhood days


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