A Fresh Start For Rhodes

By Brad Jansen

Roger Adams, Head of sport                Pic: Sean William Messham

It’s the start of a new year, a time to start afresh and set new goals to improve over 2009. By the time this prints, the Rhodes sports clubs will have received a brand new batch of talent. Activate has therefore spent some time with Head of Sport, Roger Adams to discuss his goals and ambitions for the coming year.

First on the agenda for Adams is to get more students involved in sport at Rhodes. In order to achieve this, sports subscription fees for students on University financial aid are to be reduced. The other approach Adams is taking is to emphasise and encourage participation in inter- residence sport, as this is what exposes students to the different sports codes available. All the clubs at Rhodes are run by the students because Sports Administration believes that “student sport should be run by students”. However, Sports Admin has said they will help where they can. “We do not want to emphasise certain codes over others, but rather identify those who are struggling and put effort into them,” says Adams. Another exciting aspect is the idea of a “formal leadership programme”. Not much is known yet as all the kinks are still being worked out, but it will be designed to train and assist different people within their different sporting codes within their leadership roles. Regarding equipment, Rhodes will be receiving upgrades in the form of a new irrigation system for the fields, sponsored by Lotto. Some highlights for the year include Tri-Varsity taking place at Rhodes and two new clubs, a karate and a cycling club, have opened.


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