Alcohol Personality Types: Part Two

By Ithuteng Mashabela

So, O-Week came and went and perhaps so did some of your most recent memories. The time has come for you to reconsider your choice of beverages for those late nights when the Rat & Parrot and Equilibrium have become your second homes. The alcohol you drink not only affects your behavior and determines how much you will remember the morning after, but might even say something about your personality.


Rum is classified as a spirit, but anyone who has ever had Stroh Rum will agree that it deserves a category of its own. Those who select it as their drink of choice are usually extreme dare devils, not keen on exercising the parts of their brains devoted to memory. This Austrian spiced rum is available in alcoholic volumes of 40%, 54%, 60% and 80%. Needless to say, it is used in incredibly moderate quantities, usually in shooters such as Sledge Hammers, and should definitely be consumed judiciously.

The cider side of life

So you enjoy having drinks with the pals, but don’t want to get motherless within moments of your first sip? You’re all about moderation and balance, maybe a little too conservative to be a dare devil, but not too shy to put on your dancing shoes now and then. Ciders typically have an alcoholic volume of 4,5% to 7%, but the punch they can pack shouldn’t be underestimated.

Three cheers for beer

“If you’re a man who drinks beer, then you’re probably a man. If you’re a woman who drinks beer, then you’re probably a man too (sic).” Jokes aside, beer is one of the most preferred drinks for the simple Joes of the world. These are people with modest pocket sizes and an appetite for yeasty salt-water. With an average volume of 5%, beer sinks in slowly, but can come coupled with a beer boep. It’s our choice to make.

From the entire Activate team, remember to drink responsibly. There’s nothing wrong with replacing alcohol with a Red Bull every now and again.


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