Bangladesh blocks YouTube

By Graham Ziervogel Officials in Bangladesh blocked the video-sharing website, YouTube, this past week. This after a recording of a meeting between several army representatives and the country’s Prime Minister to discuss an earlier mutiny by border guards was posted.More than 70 people, 54 of them army officials, were left dead in the violent mutiny which took place on Saturday, 7 February this year. The posted video shows the meeting’s tense environment, as many army officers were greatly angered by the way in which the emergency was handled by the government.

The events have widened rifts between the two-month-old government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh’s strong military. As such, the decision was made to block YouTube in the interest of “national security” , this according to officials.The government’s decision to negotiate with the rebelling border guards rather than to immediately crush the uprising has been called into question by the army.

Outside of the army, however, many believe that the crisis was well-handled.It is currently uncertain as to whether Bangladesh will unblock YouTube in the near future.


One Response to Bangladesh blocks YouTube

  1. Rafi says:

    how do i unblock Youtube??

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