Fire In Celeste Residence

By Meggan McCarthy

Pic by: Jane van Dooréne

An electrical fire recently broke out in Celeste, a postgraduate residence, on 3 March at 04h00. The fire was quickly extinguished by one of residents, Budurege Jean de Diev. Although no one was harmed, the fire did leave one of the bathrooms in a state of ruin. According to the Celeste warden, Kasongo Wa Kasongo, the fire broke out in one of the men’s flats and was caused by an electrical malfunction of the geyser. Wa Kasongo said one of the students in the flat woke up because of the amount of smoke present in the residence. The student went out to investigate and saw that the geyser in the bathroom was engulfed in large flames. The student then put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Wa Kasongo said that most students in Celeste are “first timers at Rhodes”, so they had recently attended a fire talk and had already had a fire drill. This equipped them with the necessary knowledge to deal with a fire. Wa Kasongo said that he was very happy with how the situation was handled, but said that it would have been better if the fire alarm had been set off so that everyone could have evacuated the building. The student did not feel the need to alert the whole residence, as he had “assessed the situation and thought that it wasn’t worth making anyone panic.”


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